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Bald Dating TV and Video

Here are a collection of TV and Youtube influencer spots that have featured Bald Dating. Watch in full or jump to the time slots.

The late late show with James Cordon

James Cordon mentioned Bald Dating and made some funny references to other well known dating brands.
  • Tinder = Skinder
  • OKCupid = CloseShaveCupid
  • eHarmony = eNoHairmony

Jump to the segment at 7:22

Daily Blast Live

US TV show, Daily Blast Live featured Bald Dating with comedian Jeff Dunham

Jump to the segment at 3:10:20

Barry on Deck

Barry Laminack, radio presenter, comedian and Youtube star featured Bald Dating on his live stream.

Jump to the segment at 1:53:16

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