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Bald Dating

The dating site for anyone with a bald head or thinning hair and partners who prefer it that way.

Date with confidence

Being bald can be very hard for some people and they loose their self confidence. Bald Dating was created to show that being bald doesn’t matter. There are many people who don’t mind you being bald and there are even others who prefer it. Our bald members are bald men, bald women and bald transgender folk.

I’m David Minns, the self proclaimed ‘Niche Dating Man’ and I have founded many niche dating sites used by millions of people. I’m bald and built this site as a response to news stories about ‘Hatfishing’, where men are ashamed of their lack of hair and hide under a hat on dating profile pictures.

I was shocked! There is no need to be ashamed. People are attracted to kind, considerate, funny and confident partners. It really doesn’t matter about anything else. I made a dating site for men with a below average penis size called Dinky One. Over 100,000 people have joined so far, you may think today’s world is judgmental, but in reality anything goes if you're confident.

Come and join Bald Dating right now and let your head and personality shine!

David Minns, founder Bald Dating

Fully inclusive site

Bald Dating is a fully inclusive dating site, open to women, men and transgender folk of any sexuality. The only requirements are 1 or more of the following:
  • You have to be bald or thinning up top
  • You have to be open to dating someone bald or thinning up top

Not just men

Hair loss is not just a male issue, it can occur in woman and transgender folk too. It may be a result of hormones, stress, trauma or medical treatment. If you are looking for a dating environment that doesn't focus on your follicles then come and join Bald Dating.