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Our cookie policy is very simple and below you will find a list of the cookies used on our site:

PHP Session ID:
This cookie is used for user login and is automatically removed from your computer when you logout or close your browser. If you disable this cookie you will not be able to use the site.

Affiliate ID (affiliate):
If you are referred to the site from one of our affiliates then we write a cookie to your computer to remember you. If you sign up then your account is associated with the correct affiliate. You may disable / delete this cookie.

Remember me:
We use a cookie to remember you if you choose not to logout. Logout to delete this cookie or manually delete it if you so wish.

3rd party cookies:
We also use the following 3rd party systems who may or may not use cookies. Please refer to their policy for further information.

Google (analytics):
We use Google Analytics to track visitors and stats for our website.